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KEEP THE FAITH Events – SOUL Events in London, London SOUL events, SOUL music club & live events in London, UK.

Including: Neo-Soul, Raregroove, Funk, 80s Soul, 2Step, Nu-Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Street Soul, 90s Soul, 80s Soul, 70s Soul, 60s Soul, Contemporary Soul, Modern Soul, UKSoul, UKGospel, UKReggae, Brit Funk, Lovers Rock, Afrobeat, Latin, Roots music and related Grooves from across the globe. …..


Keep The Faith Events include events for & featuring: Erykah Badu, Sade, Raphael Saadiq, Angie Stone, Dwele, Eric Roberson, Marsha Ambrosius, Omar, Terri Walker, Amy Winehouse, Lenny Henry, Carmen Rodgers, Sy Smith, Zo!, The Foreign Exchange, JSoul, Julie Dexter, Pauline Henry, Kaidi Tatham, Jaz Ellington.

Including events such as “UKSoulJam”, “NeoSoulWW”, “NeoSoul3rdFridays”(“NS3Fs”), “NeoSoul1stSaturdays” (“NS1S”),”Eclectic Soul City”, “Roots 2nd Fridays”, “Salsa vs Soca”, “BlueNotes, Bass & Boogie”, “Soundclash”, “South London Soul Sessions”, “Love For Lost Soul”, “New Years Eve The SOUL Way!”. At London venues such as Jazz  Cafe, Ronnie Scott’s & The O2, Greenwich ….. For all enquiries please contact: info@keepthefaithevents.com

KEEP THE FAITH – A Brief History & Overview:

KEEP THE FAITH started as the events organisation wing of Warrior FM (an Independent World Wide Soul, Hip Hop & Roots Radio station).

Why so much SOUL music?
We initially wanted to start a Soul event because of it’s historical importance in the UK’s club scene & also as it has been and still is continually such a positive uplifting music scene socially.

Why the name “Keep The Faith”?
The name “Keep The Faith” was taken from the early history of the UK Soul Music scene. Going way back to the early Soul scene of the early 1960s due to Soul music’s initial popularity in the North of England the term “Northern Soul” became attached to the Soul music and the clubs and scene around that time. Along with the term “Northern Soul”, the term “Keep The Faith” also became adopted by the scene with often the two phrases used in conjunction – IE: “Northern Soul – Keep The Faith”.
It could also be argued the Northern Soul scene was also the earliest UK club scene as we know it today with concepts of raving all night first starting in the UK then.
This was an important period in the UK’s Soul development as many of the early USA Soul acts were initially bigger hits in the UK than their native USA. So much so that Berry Gordy from Motown would ask the UK DJs and magazine’s such as Blues & Soul advise on which tracks were popular in the UK clubs to help him decide on what should be released as singles in the USA and other territories.

Why Is The ‘Black Power’ Fist In KTF’s Logo?
As you can see the iconic ‘Black Power Fist’ is indeed in our KTF logo. This use also comes from the UK’s early Soul / Northern Soul culture (by way of the USA’s Black Power movement & civil rights movement). After the term “Northern Soul” emerged and then attached to it the sub-text “Keep The Faith” that early scene in the UK in the 1960s & 1970s had paraphernalia such as all nighter bags (to keep towels in, talc to put on the floor for dancing) & on these bags & clothing of the time there would often be sown on patches saying “Northern Soul – Keep The Faith”, perhaps with the local Soul club’s name also added – at the centre would be the Black Power fist. At the time it was a current and relevant symbol to Soul music and one which acknowledged the predominantly Black people in the USA who created the first Soul Music and the civil rights movement at that time which referred to The Black Panthers & the famous Olympic Games raised fist incident.
We have used the symbol since the start of KTF and the reason why we are using it and what it stands for has been raised many times with us as has the use of the name “Keep The Faith”.
To answer those questions – It’s an important symbol on many levels to us with empowerment, recognition and equality being key issues for us. Our views on Black Power is it’s all good, indeed any empowerment of any people is good as long as it’s not to the disadvantage of another group of people so we are happy to be associated with this and are also happy to re-educate or remind the Northern Soul scene exactly where that symbol came from and what it still means. If you interpret Black Power as a separatist movement our view is that is a distortion and twisted view, and indeed please note that we are adamantly against segregation. Further more regardless of where you feel you belong in the race equation – if you are in favour of segregation or separatism – you can be certain KTF Events Org is really not the place for you as we are fundamentally AGAINST this, and indeed FOR people of all kinds coming together.

KTF – 1 Foot In the Past & Roots & 1 Foot in The Future…
The term Keep The Faith has been kept in use also by Northern Soul collectors and revivalists to this day. However when we took the name for our events organisation we did this to acknowledge the history and cultural side, but also the spirit of that music and follow where that music went, and what it became. Just as the Modernist movement became paradoxically retro and revivalist, we felt that same urgency and spirit in Soul music was still present in brand new Soul music coming out today be it Neo Soul, Soulful House or Soulful Hip Hop & R&B.This is why we took that name – and that is our aim with our present KTF org – to have a respect, pride, celebration and knowledge of the past music, and use that same knowledge to understand and identify when new musics and acts emerge – playing and celebrating these too without the need to see such acts in the charts or magazines before we can except them as “good music”. In Soul music we trust – the next chapter has begun – KEEP THE FAITH!!

Background – The Musical Climate In Which KTF Org Was Born:
To shed more light on the climate in which KTF was born and as a clue to some of the club and music patterns we wished to counter-act – this was our opening statement:

KEEP THE FAITH!” clubnight brings the full array of ECLECTIC SOUL live to London with it’s range of events.

The music policy is strictly soulful & eclectic freestyle on these sessions.

In amongst a sea of 4/4 & dance club nights in London it was felt a contemporary night of REAL SOUL music was needed – serving the growing band of Neo and Eclectic Soul followers in London the music policy is just that – ECLECTIC with a music policy including: Neo Soul, Credible Hip Hop & R’n’B, Nu Jazz, Brokenbeat, Afrobeat, Reggae, Soulful & Latin House, Latin to Roots, Raregroove, Liquid & UK Pressure…

KTF includes events such as FUTURE charity gigs, Soundclash, Sounds Good In The Sunshine, EclecticSoulCity, South London Soul Sessions, UKSoulJam & Groove Lineage. KEEP THE FAITH also supports the cream of London’s live music of Soul, Neo Soul, Nu Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Afro, Raregroove, Reggae, Roots, Folk & Acoustic acts. KTF also incorporates a free samba audience participation ‘drum-in’ at the end of each session KEEP THE FAITH is succeeding in it’s mission to maintain the groove, keep the faith & rep quality contemporary SOUL & Soul related music.

Keep The Faith club nights are affiliated with the Eric Roberson Street Team & products & also org’s such as WARRIOR FM & SOUL ORACLE NEWS
The events also seek to showcase other creative talents with Art, Fashion, Clothes & Jewellery craft on display & sale.

KEEP THE FAITH knows it’s music, where that music has come from, where it is now and also KTF has the foresight to support new local and international music which will be the sound of our scene tomorrow.
Fittingly Warrior FM DJs were on the panel of the first ever Soul Music Summit now held each year in Atlanta, GA, USA.

In the spirit of Byrdland, the Wigan Casino, Studio 54, The Wag Club, The Warehouse, The Paradise Garage, Shelter, The Africa Centre, Caistor & Southport and many great clubs & club nights from contemporary music history & around the world KEEP THE FAITH maintains that line in true, deep music of SOUL”

KEEP THE FAITH Events – As recommended by Time Out, Choice FM, Colourful Radio, The Voice & The Independent.

For all enquiries please contact keepthefaithful@gmail.com


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